Why H.E.A.L.?

Recent events have highlighted an urgent need for healing and change in the world. We answered that call by forming a collaboration to do just that–create a community that feels connected and empowered. 

A better world is calling for the best version of each and every one of us. This begins with you. It’s only when each is his/her best that we all function at an optimal level as a collective.  Now is the perfect time to rise up together and provide revolutionary healing and leadership so that our wellness family and community thrive.

The two of us are wellness entrepreneurs who recognize now more than ever, the need to unite the health community. We’re passionate about our families, leading healthy lifestyles and the businesses we’ve created to serve others.

Welcome to H.E.A.L.

Join us in our journey and mission to heal, evolve, and lead together.


Create a health conscious community by offering value through a wide array of wellness events, activities, services and products.


Strengthen our community by increasing awareness and leadership around health and well being.


Wellness is the holistic health of Body, Mind, and Spirit. It’s a dynamic process encompassing personal development supported by wellness activities and a health conscious community.

How We H.E.A.L.

Build a culture of healing through networking and mentorship opportunities

Bring together a diverse group of professionals for the purpose of connecting them with the community at large

Create and execute high quality & socially responsible events supporting a happy, healthy and vibrant life

Collaborate with and donate to local non-profits to further strengthen the community

Meet Our Founders

Ben Cohen

Structural chiropractor and owner at Excel Chiropractic

Sarah Galambos

Retreat facilitator, healer, and owner of Soul Stretch by Sarah

Meet Our Sponsors

Upcoming Events

All Events are COVID-19 Dependent

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